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Get the look. The possibilities are endless! 

Material: 4mm Coro Sheet

Please Note:

  • Panels are NOT self-standing
  • Installation instructions aren't provided
  • Customer responsible for complete install
  • Depending on panel design, props may be considered in panel count
  • One selection per focal area.

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  1. Check Delivery Date field for availability.
  2. Enter maximum width of setup. This is a measurement of all the panels placed together
  3. Enter maximum height of setup. 
  4. Provide details that will assist me in creating your masterpiece. 
    • Wording you would like included
    • Theme. If no theme, what elements would you like included? What is the "tone" of the event? What style?
      • What are the colors? Be specific here. The spectrum is so wide saying "pink"  or "blue" just isn't enough. Color palettes are not most helpful
        • If you have a preference for shapes, please note.
          • Don't upload images of the celebrant you don't intend to be used. Changing the images after edit will incur additional charges.
            • Review the quality of the images of images submitted for use (celebrant, logo or art file). If you're unsure of the quality please request me to review them prior to starting your order. Images submitted with this notice will be accepted as-is. Changing the images after edit will incur additional charges.
          1. Draft is created for your review. Feedback is required for revisions. Approval is needed for printing.
          2. Panel set pricing is per focal point. (Example: Cake/Dessert Area, Photo Booth, Coloring/Activity, Welcome/Entrance, etc.) For multiple focal areas, please add separately to cart.